Clinical Trials at CMAX

Established in 1993, CMAX is one of Australia’s largest, longest running and most experienced, dedicated clinical trials unit.

Our team specialises in a range of early-phase clinical trials, including first-time in human-studies – of which we’ve conducted more than 100 to date.

With an impressive global regulatory history and a database of more than 13,000 active volunteers, our brand new 50-bed Phase I (through to Phase II-IV) unit includes a 24-bed ambulatory cardiac telemetry monitoring system and is centrally located to Adelaide’s Bio-med City.

what is a clinical trial

How clinical trials test new treatments in order to find improved ways to prevent or treat illnesses.

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why be part of a trial

Helping yourself and others and being part of improving health care for everyone.

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how to be part of a trial

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All of our studies are fully ICH GCP compliant and comply with the registration requirements of the US FDA, EMEA, Japanese MHW and Canadian HPB; we have been US FDA-audited.

We can assist our overseas clients register for the Australian R&D Tax Incentive scheme. This allows eligible companies to claim up to 43.5 Cents in the Dollar Cash Rebate on qualifying R&D spend or 38.5% Tax Shield via R&D Tax Incentive  – for more information contact our experienced team today.