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Established in 1993 CMAX is one of Australia’s largest and most experienced clinical trial centres. Our expert team is committed to supporting innovative medical research in partnership with our national and international sponsors.

Centrally positioned in Adelaide, CMAX is located adjacent to The Royal Adelaide Hospital in South Australia's innovative Bio-Med City precinct.


We are pleased to announce the launch of Fusion Clinical Research. A new business that works with Contract Research Organisations (CROs), Sponsors and a network of General Practitioners (GPs) to provide medical trials in a community setting. We invite you to visit the new Fusion Clinical Research website and to share this wonderful new initiative with your contacts.

CMAX supports the #dontwaitmate campaign by the CCC (Continuity of Care Collaboration).

Learn more about their campaign here.

We are excited to announce an increase in our bed capacity to 66 inpatient beds.


Clinical trials undertaken at CMAX have resulted in the advancement of global medicines and technologies, from cancer treatments to early warning bio-devices and hormone replacement therapies.


For more than two decades we have delivered early-phase clinical trials in partnership with pharmaceutical, biotechnology and device companies. We deliver to an exceptional standard, meeting all of the national and international regulatory requirements.


CMAX is Australia’s longest established, independent facility for clinical trials and delivers exceptional quality.

Our new, custom-built facility opened in 2016 opposite the Royal Adelaide Hospital and adjacent to Adelaide’s Bio-Med City, one of the largest health and life sciences clusters in the southern hemisphere, providing ready access to state-of-the-art facilities and equipment and world-class medical and pharmacology specialists.

Since 1993 we have delivered more than 600 early phase clinical trials, including more than 100 first time in human studies for our national and international clients which include pharmaceutical, biotechnology and device companies.

Our latest Trials

CM8820 Part A

6 nights in-house + 1 visit
Eligibility requirements
  • Males and females aged 18 to 55 years
  • BMI must be between 18 to 30kg/m²
  • Body weight must be above 50kg
  • Must be in good general health
  • Must not be taking any medications
  • No blood donation 2 months prior
  • No significant allergies
  • Non-smokers
  • No dietary requirements
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