Advancing Medical Treatments

Participating in A Clinical Trial

A clinical trial is a controlled medical research study conducted in human volunteers, to advance specific medical treatments. Clinical trials are the fastest and safest way to find pharmaceutical treatments that improve human health and save lives.

Clinical trials aren’t all about injections and drugs. Volunteers' involvement may contribute to advancements in health outcomes by participating in many different ways. Trials vary in regard to duration, who is eligible to volunteer and financial reimbursement. Some trials seek participants with illnesses or conditions, while others seek healthy participants.

Once you have registered your interest in a clinical trial, you will be invited to undergo a detailed consent process and a free health check, to ensure you are eligible. Participants can choose to opt out of trial participation at any time; no questions asked.

We invite you to help our clinical research team turn medical innovations into safe, effective treatments that will change and save lives. Enjoy our clinic's recreational facilities, including free wifi, meals and entertainment, and get reimbursed for volunteering your time.

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June - A Case Study

June is the mother of a son with Type I diabetes.

“When my son was diagnosed with diabetes I wanted him to get the right treatment and to improve his situation,” she said. “When I saw a notice in the hospital seeking healthy volunteers for a Phase I clinical trial for a new diabetes drug and I immediately enrolled."

Having a family member with a disease is a common reason that motivates healthy volunteers to participate in a clinical trial. Feelings of helplessness and distress can be reduced in some people by contributing to the research effort. Being closely involved with a friend or a family member suffering from a disease also highlights the deep desire to access new treatments and medicines, bringing clinical trials into the conversation and raising awareness of their existence for the first time with some people.

Participant testimonial

"I decided to participate in this clinical trial after carefully researching the requirements and considering the health outcomes and benefits this research would provide my family members and anyone else who suffers from this medical condition. The trial was quite a long one and I timed it with my university studies. I'm a medical student and preparing for exams is quite onerous - the clinic's peace and quiet was quite useful at this time.

I found the staff at CMAX to be fantastic throughout the whole process. Every question I had was handled with care and consideration."

Keagan, Volunteer Participant

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