*NEW* CM5416: 2 parts over a 2 month period

Eligibility Requirements

  • Post-menopausal females aged 55 and over
  • Surgically sterile females aged 45 and over 
  • BMI must be under 38kg/m²
  • Must be non-smokers
  • Cannot have any Gastrointestinal conditions 

Visit Schedule: 

2 parts over approximately 2 months.

Part 1 involves 2 treatment periods of 4 days/nights in-house and 3 follow-up visits.
Check in       Wed 29th Nov
Check out    Sun 3rd Dec
Visit             Mon 4th Dec
Check in      Tues 12th Dec
Check out   Sat 16th Dec
Visit            Sun 17th Dec
Visit            Wed 20th Dec

Part 2 involves 13 days/nights in-house and 2 follow-up visits.
Check in      Sun 14th Jan
Check out   Sat 27th Jan
Visit            Sun 28th Jan
Visit            Wed 31st Jan

Recruiting now - Call CMAX on 1800 150 433 to register your interest